In this section you will not only get to know a little bit about me you will also learn a little bit about my mum.

This is her twirling in a paddock at my cousins farm, I love this photo as it shows how free spirited and really cool she is : ) I wanted to share with you that my photography life has happened not only from my own tears, self doubt, hard work, passion and dedication but also from the encouragement, support , love and guidance from my mum.

No-one has given me such complete advice as her, from learning sewing techniques (and still to do some macrame!) too how to make the perfect pastry for Christmas baking, they are not photographic related as such but they have steered me to a path that I could not have done alone and that I thank her for xx

So me in a nutshell …. I’ve never been sure what I love about Photography because I love all of it, absolute all of it, Fashion Architecture, Still Life, Art, Headshots, Weddings, I love how it can all be so beautiful.

I can only go back as far as High School … maybe year 9 - 1994, I can’t say that I fell in love with Photography straight away then but that’s when I first went into a dark room and that’s when my dad brought me my first camera a RICHO KR5 Super2 she lasted about 20 years!

By 2009 I had completed a short course at CHE, a Diploma In Applied Photography at NMIT, various successful exhibitions and photography events and had been successful in an application at CHE Advertising Agency as the Second Photographer.

Now after Five and a Half years as the Photographer at Country Road the world awaits.